Friday, September 17, 2010

Is Obama on TV again?

Yesterday I discovered Obama has four people in his cabinet.  No kidding, yesterday there was Gary Locke, the Secretary of Commerce, on the TV.  I knew that Geithner was a secretary because he's always telling us that things could be worse.  And I remember this woman, Janet Napolitano, being given the hook and silenced because she always said stupid things.  Since she was the Secretary of Homeland Security that didn't make people feel very secure.  And then we have the vice president...

There may be even more, but we'll never see them, because Obama has to be on TV everyday. Yesterday he was on and we didn't turn up the sound, because if everybody did that, he'd want to be on twice a day.  Absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder, but that idiomatic wave never came ashore on Oahu.

Presidents are not supposed to be overexposed.  Who wants to listen to a guy who was on three times yesterday.  One day he's going to bring the unemployment rate down to nine per cent and I won't know about it because I didn't turn up the sound.

Wait a minute, Hillary is out there being the Secretary of State.  She's actually doing a good job and she knows enough to stay out of Washington so she can get on television, too.  I remember when I went to vote for Obama in the California primary, my wife called up our two daughters and had them join her at the polls to vote for Hillary.  I thought that was kind of nasty because it kind of made my vote irrelevant.  Because she's a med school professor she thought she knew which one of them was ready to be president.  Okay, she was right, but I didn't know that Larry Summers was going to be his economic buddy.

Tomorrow his face will probably be on Bloomberg and I'll keep the sound turned off.  If he's declaring war or finally launching the Civilian Conservation Corps, one of you is going to have to call me and tell me to turn up the sound.

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