Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Importance of Thank You

A lot of people forget the importance of the word "thank you." We all want to be thanked if we do something worthwhile. Sometimes, even if you don't receive it, you may want to repeat your gesture, but probably not.

I received my PhD from the Maxwell school at Syracuse University. I'm really proud that it's ranked number one among schools of public affairs, with Harvard's Kennedy school at number two.

But I'd taught at the Newhouse school of Syracuse and believed then, and still do, that it's a wonderful journalism school.

So in December I sent Syracuse University a check that was to be split between Maxwell and Newhouse. A week after my gift, I got a nice note from the people at Maxwell. I appreciated that.

Today I received a form from the Newhouse School. The signature of the Dean, who allegedly signed it, was preprinted.

Understanding a little of how fund raising works, I was  appalled and wondered about how the school was administered.

Next year, of course, the entire check will go to Maxwell.

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