Friday, December 18, 2015

Katherine Pathak and the Sense of Place

It was Wordsworth, of course, who produced "spots in time"(capturing an image immortally).In poems like the "Solitary Reaper" you can experience fully the man working the fields. He portrayed the Lake district in northern England in a way that made it incredibly attractive I once stayed in Ambleside, an experience I will treasure forever.
Catherine Pathak has the same ability. I've read all of her DCI Dani Bevan series of
novels and they are  police procedural mysteries that are exciting, but are steeped in Scottish culture. After reading her novels I feel like moving to Garansay, an island off the East coast of Scotland.
Now that I've started reading her Hugh and Imogen Cross series, I'm even more awed by her capture of what it must've been like to grow up on  Garansay (although I have no idea if she ever spent time there). She is a great writer whose books are on Kindle unlimited
After I finished my first novel, Tommy Babcock, I had hoped to construct a series which would take him through the Second World War. I became disabled while finishing the book  I can no longer type on the computer. I dictate my blogs; but I get to find great authors such as Catherine Pathak and live through their writing.
By the way, a search for Garansay on Google Earth and Wikipedia only comes up with an island off Scotland called Taransay, which  makes Pathak's writing even more interesting.

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