Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Great American Hero

Today, as the ninth Benghazi committee looked for ways to politically injure Hillary Clinton, I was fascinated by the questions asked by Rep. Tammy Duckworth, a Democrat on the committee. As I hurried to find out more about her. I learned she was the first female double amputee from the Iraq war and the first female double amputee elected to Congress.
Tammy Duckworth  lost both her legs and severely injured her arm while flying a helicopter in Iraq. Her mother is Thai, but she was following her father's family tradition of serving in the military, which began before the Revolutionary war. Her dad was a Marine and she has not only done her father proud, but also makes us feel good about the kind of heroes our country produces.
I was not for the Iraq war, but I stand in awe of this woman whose incredible drive and patriotism is an inspiration for all of us.
In 2013 she was elected to Congress and she plans to run for the Senate in 2016.
She also makes me humble about my disability. The next time I decide to complain I will picture Tammy Duckworth rolling her chair around Congress, helping drive our nation forward, and stay quiet. She is a true American hero.

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