Sunday, December 14, 2014

At Universities and Elsewhere, Women Are Still Prey

Apparently there is nothing new under the sun, or under the devil, in man's relationship with women. 50 years ago there was a chain of barbershop quartet restaurants in New England called Your Father's Mustache. Assuming only the best, I worked there one evening as a singing waiter in their location on Cape Cod.
The best way to describe the workforce was to imagine high school dropouts from Boston trained on their relationship with women by members of a University of Virginia fraternity. Towards the end of the evening the waiters would get  hold of   women's purses. Then when the place closed the women would be trapped there searching for their handbags.
Imagine a guy from South Boston who'd never had a girlfriend let loose on a bunch of women who were virtually in captivity. (Don't read more into this comment then you should. My great-grandmother, Mary Lundy, moved back to the Emerald Isle after my great-grandfather met his maker in this fair land.)
This occurrence, unfortunately, did not come as much of a surprise. I was a college graduate who'd seen a lot of things in those four years. Today I'm surprised that, apparently, situations and universities haven't changed and women are still treated like prey while administrators look the other way.
Since there are now more women than men in Higher Education it's about time this situation was rectified. After all, I wouldn't want my daughter enrolled at the University of Virginia. Would You?

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