Friday, April 25, 2014

Waiting for Barackaman to Step Into The Phonebooth and put on the Superman Suit

Some of us who voted for Barack Obama have been waiting for the moment he steps in the phone booth and puts on the Superman suit. It's a crazy dream, really, because we watched him waffle on Syria and knew we'd figured out who he really is. The last few days have unfortunately forced us to deal even more with reality.
In Israel, Netanyahu (who i really wanted to support because I'm an ABBA) put housing on disputed land and, with the help of the Palestinians, killed the peace process. He was for Romney because he figured that rich goy could be manipulated. He despises Obama, but Netanyahu was the kind of kid who picked up extra cash stealing girls' lunch money.
Shinzo Abe, who prays at the temple for war criminals, couldn't get the factions within his own party to give up their special protections long enough to work on a Pacific trade pact.
Then we have Putin, the devil incarnate, who thinks Obama is a pussy, and never really cared what he said.
We didn't want another George W. Bush, but did we really want a man in the Presidency who no one fears?

P.S. He was right not to get involved in Syria, but did we have to watch that wrenching, elaborate ritual he went through? I was not reminded of Kennedy in the Missile Crisis.

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