Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We Were Warned

You can't say we weren't warned. My generation was forced to read "1984," and "Brave New World." These novels told in the most abject terms what happened when oppressive societies and technologies get together to monitor the lives of everyone.
Many of us went to see the movie, "the Social Network," and walked out chilled by  Zuckerberg and his machinations. Then we bought shares of Facebook.
So now we live in a world in which the national security agency monitors our calls and Facebook sells our information online. This week they told us they will use our children in advertising, no matter what we say.
I remember my daughter telling me how old I was because of my concerns about privacy. I dropped Facebook three years ago after they sold my name in conjunction with other personal information. It could only have come from Facebook.
So we have no privacy, and most of us don't seem concerned. Those novels and warnings did no good. In the end we turned over our private lives to giant corporations and big government. So much for universal education. Like lemmings to the sea we gave away our rights without looking back. Now we have to live with this brave new world.

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