Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Old Guy's Playlist

I've got a daughter in college on the East Coast. By text or phone call every day she stays abreast of my exercise regimen. I figure it's because I'm disabled and she doesn't want me to croak while she's 3000 miles away. She seems to have forgotten she left somebody behind who kicks butt and takes names.
I thought there might be other people out there who might want to make sure they see somebody again, and therefore want to check on their exercise program.
The first thing to know is never use the name Richard Simmons if you ever want him to talk to you again. To help this program along, I've prepared an old guy's playlist. I apologize it's for an American audience, but this is the best I can do:
Eye of the Tiger
boys are back in town
walk like a man
we are the champions
bad Moon rising
 God bless the USA
For cool down I suggest Soluna's version of America the Beautiful

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