Monday, February 25, 2013

And now, Standing Behind Ben Affleck

It's a cliche to say, "that woman made him what he is today." A person is formed by how he thinks and what he learns growing up. Despite that, yesterday I said to myself, "Jennifer Garner made Ben Affleck what he is today."
You're probably thinking, "how shallow." I'm not saying that Ben Affleck didn't go from being the butt of jokes to someone respected in Hollywood without hard work and personal growth.
What I am saying is that finding someone you respect and that gives you feedback in life can be a great asset to your personal growth and strength
It can go both ways, and hopefully it always does. I know I get stronger because I trust my wife and her ethics and insight. I hope she takes something from me.
I think we always admire someone who remakes himself/herself. It gives us confidence that we can change and grow.
So forgive my assumptions, and understand that although people earn their own respect, having a strong person to interact with can make all the difference.
Now if we could only find a guy for Lindsay Lohan.

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