Friday, January 25, 2013

So You Want an Unfettered Internet?

The younger you are, the more you probably believe in a completely open Internet. When I dropped Facebook after information connecting me to a relative was being sold, the person in question told me it showed how old I was.
It frequently isn't until a person gets turned down  for a job that they realize that a Facebook page has hurt their reputation.
Now, to show how ghastly it can be to have your information on the Internet we can look at a lawsuit against by a woman who was stabbed 10 times by someone she met through and did not want to date. This woman, Mary Kay Beckman, required surgery to repair her jaw and replace part of her skull. An operation was needed to preserve her eyesight.
Mitchell Ridley, her attacker, was sentenced to up to 70 years in prison. He committed suicide behind bars.
A young friend of mine, who is an expert in computing and highly sought after by many companies, understands how I feel. Perhaps it's because he sees so much, that he worries about the information that's out there.

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