Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Kardashians and America's Future

A British political philosopher in the 19th Century, Walter Bagehot, said you could judge a people by who they admired.
A friend told me today that a lot of people who are struggling to get by are offended by the blatant conspicuous consumption of the Kardashians. But I bet it’s not hurting their ratings. (If you don’t know who I’m referring to, don’t worry because you’ve probably been working hard to put a meal on the family table)
Now these mistresses in marketing have Kim divorcing a guy who she'd been married to for a heartbeat. Katherine Hepurn once said, "I don't care what you say about me, as long as it isn't true."
With the Kardashians it’s like being in Africa and seeing how America lives and thinking your country will soon have all the things America has.
But if you’re consumed by these reality shows about rich people, and disregard what they aren’t doing to help pull this country together, you should just be listening to the radio.
Congress has chosen Air Supply as its soundtrack and has Justin Bieber on their Iphones. They think we’re too weak to accept the suffering it’s going to take to recover from the financial crisis. They’ve provided money to people who went under the second time, because they never should have gotten the loan in the first place. (If it’s because of unemployment, please forgive that last comment)
Ben Bernanke has been working hard to prove John Maynard Keynes wasn’t just an economist 80 years ago. Every day we’re more in debt. QE3 could be the name of a British ship, but instead it's a bad idea on monetary policy
But, who is providing the answer? Not the tea party who wants to take America back to 1939 where African Americans were part of a segregated army and people looked at Chinese and remembered they needed their shirts laundered.
By the way, why do Republicans hate Obama worse than they did Clinton? You don’t think it’s because he’s black and decided to leave the slave’s quarters, do you?
The fact is that the Democrats want to keep spending, while the Republicans want us to default on Treasury dividends. Doesn’t any group of Americans care more about our need to sacrifice for a great country? My family has two Mayflower pilgrims in its line, and I can’t remember reading about a time where we were a country of wimps that had to have an I pad or they wouldn’t be able to show their face outside their home. Maybe everyone can’t have Air Jordan’s either.
We are spoiled and our Congressmen aren’t doing anything to fix this. When we have to stop printing money, and everybody realizes that polarization has destroyed our two party system, it will be too late. China will own us. Why don’t we all learn Greek and go out in the streets and riot because we can’t afford Godiva Ice Cream anymore.
I never expected much when my dad died when I was seven. I used to pray that the social security checks would stretch far enough until the 30th I can still remember my mother yelling at me that hamburgers were only for dinner. I seem to be among a few that never believed the beans would grow to the sky.

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  1. Actually I totally disagree with your base assumptions and I have since I came across this item on Slate

    The CBO is the one institution in DC that's truly bipartisan and their predictions have been very accurate since the office was founded. Hardly anybody talking about the deficit brings up the CBO report because that ruins their fun. Just like people harp on last month's job numbers and neglect to mention the sharp spike upwards in the month immediately preceding it.

    I find it hard to believe that deficits do all that much. If they did the economy would have tanked under FDR, Reagan and George W. It wouldn't explain why the economy started to slow down in 2000 when we were at a surplus.

    This is just a pet theory of mine, out economy is driven by technology. At the beginning of the 80s no one had a PC, by the end of the 80s everyone had one. In the beginning of the 90s no one was online, by the end of the 90s everyone was. Right now we're in between. Tablet computing and 5G promises a new world of pervasive networking that will make the laptop go the way of the typewriter. Once that starts in earnest the economy will pick up.