Sunday, February 6, 2011

If Washington Was Filled with Daffy,Bugs and Goofy

The best way to look at Washington, D. C. is to view it as if it was an animated feature.  If we could use our favorite comic characters, it would be much easier to explain to people what’s going on in Washington.
There are the obvious choices.  Bugs Bunny would be perfect for Joe Biden because Biden never says anything more important than “that’s all folks.” John Boehner would be played by Goofy, except goofy would break into tears when you said anything about the flag, his career, or big business.
The president and his wife would, of course, be played by Mickey and Minnie mouse, the most stable of all our comic characters.
Then you have the man who just won’t go away, Dick Cheney.  He would be played by Yosemite Sam, except that he would have a big 666 tattooed in his armpit.  You’d see him trying to run down the street pursued by Colin Powell, who is still angry that Cheney’s people lied to him and made him look foolish in front of the United Nations.
Nancy Pelosi would be played by Cruella De Ville, except that Democrats would see Snow White on their screens.
The entire animated feature would focus around two different street barricades, one defended by Republicans and one defended by Democrats.  The entire movie would look like it was filmed from the vantage point of the Goodyear blimp, so we could watch every part of the street by street fighting.
That’s all folks.

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