Friday, September 17, 2010

Teehee Party

These days people don't care whether anyone is smart. We had a president named Bush who governed while only having a 75 IQ. They will probably soon name a beer after Sarah Palin which will have a naked picture of her daughter's ex boyfriend on the label. Because smart is out, we now have the new Tea Party.

Republicans, who first thought this was wonderful, are now comparing the new Tea Party to a neutron bomb. It seems that a number of reasonably well off Republicans were so conservative they actually wanted to go to Washington to change things. They wanted the teaching of evolution banned and John 3:16 engraved on the front of classrooms. They also don't think trading pork is healthy, because they're waiting for Armageddon and Israel has to be a going entity for this to happen.

For the Republicans this is a very bad thing. They know what they don't like, but don't seem to have any idea how it should be different.  Democrats are Ivy League graduates who want to help the common people as long as they don't have to touch them or have their children go to school with them. Because they have shown they want to do things the people don't really want, people don't trust them..Along comes the Tea Party which has primary winners who don't have the ability to "be elected dogcatcher." Now the Republicans, who thought they were going to beat the Democrats, have candidates to the right of Atilla the Hun.

Christine McDonnell is someone who might be described as a right wing soccer mom. She won the Republican primary by beating a man who, reportedly, was not a whacko guy. Since Delaware is a state with a lot of Democrats, it's doubtful she has a chance in hell of winning the general election. Once again the Republicans' grand plan is starting to crumble

I once wrote about the 30 percent of Americans who were independents because they were liberal on social issues, but more fiscally conservative than Democrats. They aren't going to vote for right wing people who want to get rid of social security (the Republican senatorial candidate in Nevada).  So things may have shifted as we move towards November, but, so far, I haven't seen anyone worthy of having a beer named after them.

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